Virtual Budtender Plugin For Your Website

Simplifying Online Ordering for Dispensary Customers

Help your customers navigate your menu and quickly discover the best products for their preferences.

Virtual Budtender & “Quick Shop” Mode.

Give online shoppers a better user experience. Provide quick recommendations or let them easily shop by the most common filters.

Virtual Budtender

Filter through hundreds of products in seconds.
Shop by product category, flavor, and effect.

dipsensary Virtual Budtender chatbot and quick shop chatbot product options
“Quick Shop” Mode

In “quick shop” mode, you can filter products by the most commonly used menu filters in just one click!

Virtual Budtender

Menus Are Overwhelming.
Give Your Shoppers Recommendations.

Pair shoppers with personalized product recommendations in just a few clicks.

Seamless Guidance

Our easy-to-use plugin helps shoppers quickly select their cannabis product preferences.

Avoid browsing through hundreds of products

Personalized Recommendations

Spark Budtender integrates with cannabis menu providers to provide the best recommendations based on shoppers’ product type, desired effect, flavor, and strength preferences.

Choose from a few products with the best match

“Quick Shop” Mode

Populars Filters in ONE CLICK!

Stop fidgeting with wonky online menus using tons of filters to find the right products. “Quick shop” mode lets you apply the most common filter combinations in one click.

One-Click Filters

Quick shop filters let you easily apply the most commonly used filter combinations.

  • Highest THC Flower
  • Lowest Priced Pre-Rolls
  • Most Popular Vapes
  • Products “On-Sale”
  • Most Popular Products
  • Etc.

“This makes ordering on my phone so much faster”

One Simple Product Carousel

Cut out all the clutter and scroll through the product results in one simple product carousel.

Product results link to the product page on your website so you can add to you cart or check out.

Easy For All Customers.

For Beginners: Less intimidating shopping experience 

Shopping for cannabis online can be overwhelming and stressful. Help new users get started with a more approachable chatbot experience.

For Experts: Discover new products & faster checkout 

Quickly filter through menu results and find products with your favorite flavors/aromas and effects.

Spark Your Business Growth.

Give shoppers confidence and grow loyalty.

Build Confidence Online

Give customers peace of mind knowing they are getting the products they want online. Our virtual budtender is a great place for inexperienced shoppers to start their cannabis exploration if they intimidated to shop in-store.  

Grow Loyalty

A positive shopping experience keeps customers coming back. Give multiple online shopping methods to provide the best experience for your customers. 

Track Performance

Add UTM tracking parameters to track your performance in Google Analytics (GA4). See purchases, revenue, and average order value from Spark Budtender link clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does it work on any website platform?

Yes! It works with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, or any platform that allows you to add custom scripts. Most of them do.


Does it use AI to generate the results?

No. We conducted extensive testing on the “AI Budtender Chatbots” and found they produced wildly inaccurate recommendations. We wrote an algorithm that uses menu data, product description information, effect data, and terpene profile information to provide the most accurate recommendations.


How long does it take to set up?

Our team usually customizes your chatbot, syncs it with your online menu, and provides a demo link within 1-3 days.

After you confirm you want to add it to your website, it only takes a few minutes to add the code to your website.

We can send you instructions to add it yourself or you can grant our support team access to your website and they will install it for you.


Which online menu platforms do you integrate with?

We can integrate any online menu platform that will give us API access.

However, we currently only offer our free trial and free setup for Dutchie iframe, Dutchie Subdomain, and Dutchie Plus menus.


What happens if we don’t have products in stock that match customers’ filters?

That’s what makes Spark Budtender unique! We dynamically update the product category, flavor/aroma, and effect preferences in the chatbot based on what is in stock on your menu.

For example, a customer might be looking for flower products with a citrus flavor and calming effects, but there are no relevant products in stock.

After they select flower and citrus, they will only see effect options that match available products.

Other “AI Budtenders” use static cookie-cutter options for every dispensary menu which forces them to recommend products that do not match the preferences set by shoppers.

We know how important it is to provide accurate recommendations not “close enough” recommendations.


Can I customize the chatbot logo and colors?

Of course! We can add a custom icon and custom message to entice customers to click open the budtender chatbot icon. You can create your own or our design team can add your logo.

We will also change the colors within the chatbot to match your website colors.

There is no cost for this!


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